Message from the President of HeDA's Sustainability Committee

Sustainability has emerged as a paramount global imperative, driven by a set of factors, including geopolitical crises, climate change, and evolving regulations. In an era marked by increasing environmental challenges, the importance of sustainability cannot be overstated. Additionally, the emergence of strict environmental regulations and international agreements has propelled sustainability to the forefront of business and policy agendas. These developments emphasize the importance of adopting sustainable practices to mitigate environmental degradation, enhance resilience, and secure a brighter, more equitable future for our planet. Thus, sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, shaping our response to pressing global challenges and fostering a more sustainable and resilient world.


As the President of the HeDA Committee, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to champion sustainability values throughout our organization and beyond. Hence, the HeDA Committee will play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and values. Our objectives are multi-faceted and impactful. Firstly, we function as a vibrant sustainability forum, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences among members. This knowledge-sharing not only fosters a culture of ESG awareness but also acts as a springboard for collaborative actions with other corporations in Greece. Secondly, we aim to serve as a crucial link between our organization, government bodies, and stakeholders that will allow us to shape policies and strategies that drive sustainable development.


Our overarching goals involve providing opportunities for fostering sustainability and ESG culture within the HeDA community, enabling the exchange of expertise, and catalyzing business synergies and partnerships among our members. Through these concerted efforts the HeDA Committee will contribute significantly to not only the growth of our organization but also to the broader mission of advancing sustainable practices in the corporate landscape of Greece.


Chryssa Eleftheriou,

HeDA Sustainability Committee Chair

Interamerican Group Sustainability and Stakeholders Relations Leader

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