Art Exhibitions at SAF

“Orange Water” works on  a unification of public cultural places and archaeological monuments around Greece and The Netherlands and development of Contemporary Art Festival with painting, sculpting, video art and installation exhibitions from distinctive Greek, Dutch and international artists. “Orange Water” is the main Contemporary Cultural Event of the Greek Summer with high cultural status and recognition. It contributes to the strength of inter-cultural relations between Greece and The Netherlands in Europe with natural action field the Greek islands.

“Orange Water” Art Festival is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture, The Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Embassy of The Netherlands in Athens.

For 2016, “Orange Water” will host 13 contemporary art exhibitions in 9 public spaces in Athens, Crete, Santorini, Paros, Korinthos and Patra between 4 June and 30 September. There are 65 participating artists and over 400 artworks to be exhibited.

Santorini Arts Factory presents

  • “Memory Landscape” Retrospective Group Exhibition of “Orange Water 1”, for the period 4 June- 1 August
  • “Action and Gesture” Solo Painting Exhibition of Apostolis Zolotakis, for the period 4 June- 30 September
  • “High Frequency Vibration” Solo Sculpting Exhibition of Kelly, for the period 4 June- 30 September
  •  “Fata Morgana” Group Exhibition of “Orange Water 2”, for the period 6 August- 30 September

June 4 is the official opening of the actions at 20:00 and Angelika Dusk will sing live with her band. Entrance is free.

Conceptual Framework of “Orange Water 2”

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana was, according to the myth, the sister of King Arthur. With her magic powers she could make unreal images of castles hanging over the coast line, in order to intimidate the enemy’s army. Various phenomena have borrowed her name through centuries that are explained through the science of physics, such as:

The false appearance of water in the desert
The “wet road effect” on roads with high temperature
Castles and cities floating over the clouds
The myth of the “Flying Dutch”
The sink of the Titanic
The mountain line that has been observed from the first explorers of the North Pole
The parade “Drosoulites” in Crete
The floating city of “Father   Domenica Giardina”
and so many other phenomena that relate to optical illusions are characterized as “Fata Morgana”

On a second level, the optical communication of a person with an image can be regarded as an effort to communicate with it, having a supernatural existence

Tesla’s great interest for the paranormal space might have influenced him in his scientific approach when he developed the “Tesla Tower” who would transmit messages, phone signals and images in order to communicate with outer space.

Fata Morgana inspires Art in combination with science. Recently, the artist Dave Lynch, working on the photographer’s Eadweard Muybridge projector, displayed a green horseman riding his horse over the clouds. Muybridge’s projector actually seemed to be the inspiration of “Kinetoscope” of Edison and Dickson. In an interview given in 1920 entitled “Edison seeks the way to communicate with the other world”, Edison talked about a device that would give the ability to communicate with the deceased.

Fata Morgana has also given inspiration in the pure artistic field, as the homonymous movie of Werner Herzog (1969) where he captures and presents optical illusions at the Sahara Desert. Poets like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nikos Kavadias have dealt with Fata Morgana.

This above text provides and suggests a wider understanding of Fata Morgana, which defines the choice of this year’s participating artworks in the “Orange Water” Art Festival.









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