The Christmas Party of the Hellenic-Dutch Association

In a festive atmosphere and the presence of members and friends of the Hellenic-Dutch Commercial and Industrial Association, the Jingle & Mingle Christmas event took place in the Old Market in Filothei. The Board of Directors, the President Yiannis Kantoros, the Vice President Marianna Politopoulou, the General Secretary Giorgos Arkadis, the Treasurer Panagiotis Baras and the Members etc. Georgios Kotsalos, Alexandros Danielidis, Costas Maggioros, Alice Korovesi, Sofoklis Giannakou and Georgios Hatzopoulos, as well as representatives of member companies, were present.

Mr. Yiannis Kantoros presented the Association’s new initiatives and stated: “In an era of successive crises, the Hellenic-Dutch Association is called upon to actively contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations between Greece and the Netherlands, being a dynamic “platform” for the strengthening of entrepreneurship between the two countries. For example, some of the issues that were deemed important and recently decided by the Board of Directors are the digital upgrade, the undertaking of actions to utilize the experience and know-how that exists in the member companies for the benefit of the new generation, as well as the integration of Sustainable practices Development through the creation of a corresponding Committee”.

The event was welcomed by the Ambassador of the Netherlands Ms. Susanna Terstal, who emphasized that “our mission is to promote freedom, security and prosperity in combination with the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries. Economic cooperation, migration and climate are our focus areas. Together with HeDA we stimulate bilateral trade, healthy entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development with an eye on society and the environment.”

The representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mrs. Martin also shared warm words with the members.

The event was also graced by the presence of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, who underlined that “we did a lot beyond our pre-election promises. The reduction of unemployment, the increase of the minimum wage, the large intervention in EFKA cannot be disputed. There is clear progress because our government has not tried to reinvent the wheel, nor has it engaged in theoretical pursuits. We want to be practical, specific and useful and we achieved that. We will continue in the same direction, investing in a social policy with results in 2023 and after the next elections.”

The event ended in the pleasant atmosphere of the welcoming space of the Old Market, with Christmas tunes, an excellent menu and of course, the happy mood of members and friends.