From 16-21 October 2016 the World Dairy Summit will take place in Rotterdam. The Summit is the major global annual gathering of dairy associations, companies and experts. The conference focus is on the role of sustainable dairy in feeding the world. The webpage of the event is and the Twitter is @idfwds2016.


From 16-21 October 2016 Rotterdam will be the dairy capitol of the world. The World Dairy Summit will take place in congress centre De Doelen, organized by the Netherlands National Committee of the International Dairy Federation.

The IDF World Dairy Summit is an annual event held anywhere in the world. This year is the turn of The Netherlands. The Organizing Committee, that expects more than 1,000 participants from all over the world, has chosen an innovative approach. Representatives of NGO’s and IGO’s like FAO will take the stage to discuss climate, energy, sustainable nutrition, dairy development and animal welfare with the international dairy community.


During the congress there is one key question: how can dairy deliver a sustainable contribution to the feeding of more than 9 billion people. The organizers are of the opinion that for an answer to that question, the dairy world should not only look at itself. A dialogue with NGO’s, IGO’s and governments is needed. That is why outstanding representatives of among others the World Wildlife Fund, the American Humane Association and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have been invited as key note speakers. Leas by the motto “Dare to Dairy” they will enter into the debate. The dialogue has already started online in July, through and on Twitter @idfwds2016.

Dairy tours

Following the three days of dairy sessions participants to the IDF World Dairy Summit 2016 will have the possibility to discover Dutch Dairyland. A number of sustainable dairy farmers, dairy processors research institutes and other dairy organizations will open their doors.

The Summit will be of high interest for those who are active in dairy themselves (dairy farmers, processors, policy makers, researchers, analysts), as well as for those related to the dairy world or wanting to get familiar with the latest challenges of the international dairy sector.

Background information: the Netherlands and dairy

The dairy sector is one of the most important engines of the Dutch economy. Together, Dutch dairy farming and the dairy industry have a total production value of 12 billion euros. In 2012, the dairy sector exported 7 billion euros in products. 8 cents of every euro earned by a Dutch company abroad come from dairy. The sector is responsible for 45,000 direct jobs. In size, it is 1/6 of the total food industry in the Netherlands – bigger than the Dutch electrical appliance, pharmaceutical or automobile industries.

The dairy sector is inextricably linked to the Netherlands. Our climate and soil are ideal for grass and dairy cows. The Netherlands is strategically located in Europe, with good potential markets, and its logistics infrastructure is excellent.

In our programs on aid, trade and investment, several activities are focusing on sustainable dairy and related food security, such as through: trade and investment promotion in several countries, Dutch Good Growth Fund, public-private partnerships (FDOV), AgriProfocus and its member organisations, and cooperation in research and education.

For information on dairy and The Netherlands: website of the Dutch Dairy Association (Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie, NZO)



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