Olivio Farms


The journey of Creta Farms began by Stilianos Domazakis in 1970 in Crete, the land of the olive tree, in whose fruit lies the Greek treasure of olive oil. Based on our Cretan heritage & inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, our vision is to discover the best Mediterranean ingredients and create the most delicious & healthy taste experience.

In 2001 an idea was born for a unique recipe, Olivio Farms, that would make Creta farms not only one of the largest food company groups in Greece, but a fast-growing company at an international level as well. Our secret lies on the liquid gold of the Mediterranean land, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the most tasty, most healthy, most natural & most expensive of all oils. The result is a wide product range (e.g. fresh pork meat, cold cuts, snacks, cheese, pies) that combines high nutritional value and superior taste.

Olivio Farms global innovation reflects Creta Farm’s mentality of focus on quality & passion for innovation. The company still retains its founder’s initial enthusiasm, but by coupling the dietary tradition of the Mediterranean with a commitment to innovation, Creta Farms has been expanded beyond the narrow borders of Greece.

Olivio farms